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'Green Jewels' the future of jewel crafting?
mardi 7 octobre 2008

In today's rapidly changing marketplace, there is a major trend towards 'greener' and more environmentally sound methods of production. The field of fine Jewelery crafting has embraced this new era of social conciuosness: crafters of high-quality jewels continue in their quest to create flawless works of art, while respecting and maintaining modern ethical practices in human rights and taking great steps to alleviate any harm to the environment. At Serafino, makers of fine contemporary jewelry in Montreal, Canada, we proudly take this philosophy to heart ,and offer the finest quality products to our customers in an innovative and conscientious way.

The ear rings from the Freevola collection, by Annegret Morf, are composed of a variety of stones and metals, which were deliberately chosen with respect to the environment from which they came

At a time, when the environment has risen to the forefront of our global consciousness, 'green jewels' are very welcome, among connoisseure of fine jewelry. The natural resources and organic materials used in creating these 'green jewels' give these modern art pieces a worldly and exotic appeal. From bamboo corals and banana tree fibres strewn around the neck, to fish scales and embroidered Mokuba vines displayed on the fingers, organic materials are sought after by jewel wearers and craftpeople alike.

The Question remains: Will all Jewelers follow this modern trend toward environmental awareness, or will this simply turn out to be a short-lived marketing strategy that will soon disappear from the jewelry scene?

At Serafino, we are firmly committed to the ideals of 'green jewelry', and have undergone a deliberate and comprehensive regime of analysis and redesign of our practices, in order to adhere permanently to a socially and environmentally-friendly process, rooted in our values. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting transformation.

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