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Boldness and Subtlety

SERAFINO offers you an artistic vision that is bold yet delicate, subtle yet strong, and draws inspiration from nature, art, ethnic traditions and modern technology. SERAFINO creations balance traditional sense with a modern sensibility, to provide you with subtly-crafted expressions in gold, silver and platinum, often including precious or semiprecious stones and pearls.

Annegret Morf, a violin maker, and Antonio Serafino, a goldsmith, began SERAFINO in 1999 in Montreal. The couple had just moved from Italy where Antonio had managed his own workshop and jewelry store in Florence.

In the beginning, each worked part time. Antonio built up a clientele in search of custom made jewelry, creating his own pieces and doing repairs. Annegret busied herself with violin making and restoration.

Antonio participated about once a year in local exhibits and crafts sales. He also worked as a goldsmith for companies including Birks. Their private clientele grew and Annegret would occasionally help Antonio make jewelry.

In 2005, the couple decided to unite their energy and dedicate their business exclusively to the goldsmith art. Happily, their shared vision "clicked" and their business thrived.

"The art and craft of jewelry creation obsesses us and our clients tell us that it shows, especially in the details," says Annegret Morf. "We constantly strive for new forms and new ideas. However, while using the best of contemporary concepts and techniques in our work, we remain firmly rooted in tradition."

"We offer our clientele heirloom quality jewelryŚcreations that never go out of style," adds Antonio Serafino.
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