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Art, music, poetry

Swiss-born Annegret Morf brings all the romance and history of her experience as an art restorer and violin maker to her creative role at SERAFINO. Her academic training in these arts spans the globe, and includes years spent in Florence, Italy and Basel, Switzerland. In these great centres of culture and artistic achievement she absorbed the secrets of masters in European art, design and fine craftsmanship.

"For some years I have been completely dedicated to making jewelry. The weightless and musical character of some of my pieces—juxtaposed with a more solid, sculpture-like style of jewelry—speaks of my past as a violin maker.

The choice of a stone or the sequence of elements composing my creations is the fruit of constant research. The subtlest nuances of colour, cut and design detail profoundly influence the end result.

I am also very interested in the interaction between the jewelry piece and the person wearing it. A piece of jewelry is like a story or a poem. When well done, it possesses a singular character that interacts with the character of the wearer, and both are enhanced.

I strive to create true poems that adorn the uniqueness of each person who shares my love of beauty and enchantment."
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